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To use the online shop www.fiorifiori.lt You must read and agree to the rules set out below (hereinafter – the Rules) and comply with them. Press the button “Confirm Order” you confirm that you carefully read all the rules without any reservations, you agree to all the conditions set out therein and agree to abide by them.


I.1. This document is an agreement between the Darius Girdauskas, individual activity certificate NO. 760102 (hereinafter – the Administrator), and you (hereinafter – Customer) regarding the use of e-commerce web site www.fiorifiori.lt (hereinafter – Store). The customer registering the store, but the manner and form of using the Services, including shop products offered to order, payment for such goods, the shop reading published information, reviews and commentary writing, but not limited to, (hereinafter – Services), unconditionally and irrevocably undertakes to comply with all these The rules are complied with. If the client does not agree unconditionally and irrevocably to accept and comply with all the obligations established in these Rules, the Client has no right to use the Services.

I.2. The administrator has the right to unilaterally change these Rules. Rules shall become effective after their publication. If the client after the publication of rules on services considered that he agrees with all the rules. The client does not agree with the changed rules, he loses the right to use the services and to immediately cancel their registration in the shop.


II.1. Customer unconditionally agrees and confirms that he, rather than the administrator responsible for any information and data, including user name and password required for the client to connect to the store, or otherwise using the Service (hereinafter – the login data), confidentiality.

II.2. The customer agrees to immediately change and (or) to add their data, which he submitted to the Administrator when registering the store, a change log. The parties agree that the Administrator will carry out all its duties and exercise its rights in accordance with the presumption that the customer to provide the login information is correct and complete. Administrator in any case will not be responsible for damage caused to the Customer and (or) third parties due to the fact that the client has told false and (or) incomplete data with or did not change or add to the data of accession will be changed.

II.3. The Customer undertakes to ensure the accession of data confidentiality and not to disclose them to third parties and to ensure that no third party missing log service to get and (or) goods from the Administrator of the order or purchase. The customer is responsible for any actions of third parties, if they were done by the customer login, and all obligations and liability arising out of or relating to the actions of third parties by using the customer login, there is a maximum extent the customer.

II.4. The parties agree that the administrator has the right to unilaterally at any time, in its sole discretion and without informing the customer cancel all or part of a customer login, as well as other information provided by the Customer in any manner provided by the Administrator using the store, to change, restrict access, or prohibit the Customer to use all or part of the disposal and (or) to access the store.

II.5. By registering the shop and lodging Administrator of data and (or) information, the Customer unconditionally and irrevocably submit to the administrator to manage and maintain any change in the Customer’s personal data and to use them in this contract purposes of direct marketing, statistical purposes and customer solvency evaluation and debt management as well as to provide it to third parties in any of the objectives specified in Article 2.5.

II.6. The Administrator reserves the right at any time, without notice to Customer, to terminate the provision of services, change store or parts of it, any and all of its contents. Customer understands and agrees that the administrator will never be held responsible for any such action is caused by the negative consequences of the Client.

II.7. The Administrator shall have the right at any time, without notice, to limit or suspend the customer the opportunity to use shop services, and also has the right to terminate the shops.


II I.1. The seller has the right to pass on information to third parties only II.6. point objectives.

II I.2. The seller of the buyer does not transmit personal data to third parties without your separate consent, except in circumstances Laws.


II II.1. The seller has the right to partially or completely replace these Rules, notifying e-store.

II II.2. If the Buyer under these conditions changes using e-shop services, the seller time to the Purchaser agreed rules.


III.1. Customer may not use the store or service in a way that could cause endanger Stores and (or) services for the proper functioning of the security, integrity or limit others access to the shop and (or) services.

III.2. Using the store or service to the client must respect the established norms of conduct and morality, to respect the legal requirements and third party rights and legitimate interests, including legislation governing the protection of intellectual property, personal data protection, the regulation of advertising and others. Among other things, the Customer undertakes not to use the shops and (or) Service:

unlawful acts that could harm any persons, their property or legitimate interests to make;
legislation prohibited, abusive, fraudulent, threatening, infringing the rights of persons or other similar types of information dissemination;
in violation of the rights of individuals to intellectual property, including property and copyrights, patents, or rights to trademarks;
advertising or other unwanted messages or messages for distribution.


IV.1. The customer orders the goods by placing an order using the Administrator of the electronics store ordering system. [Order deemed submitted from the moment the client clicks on the button “Checkout”.

IV.2. The parties agree to this agreement aims to keep the shop a goods list product catalog. Product public presentation of the shop is not considered a public offer and does not require the administrator to sell the goods.

IV.3. The parties agree that the customer of the goods and (or) for reservations through the electronic store ordering system is the Administrator of the proposal to conclude the order specified in the purchase – sale agreement (an offer).

IV.4. The administrator who receives a customer order, the client sends the e-mail address an e-mail confirming that the customer order is received. Despite what is said elsewhere in these Rules, the Administrator shall not be considered approval of the Administrator’s consent to sell goods to customers (acceptance) and (or) the purchase and sales agreement.

IV.5. The parties agree that the specific goods sales contract is considered to be concluded and enter into force from the moment when the administrator sends the client’s e-mail address e-mail which confirms that the customer ordered goods will be sent to the customer. The Administrator shall be deemed the Customer the offer acceptances. From this moment, the Customer undertakes to accept delivery of ordered goods store and pre-pay the agreed amount for them. Purchase and sale contract may be concluded only those goods which are sent to the Administrator of the customer confirmation of future shipment concerned.

IV.6. According to the minister of economy in 2001. 17 August. Order no. 258 approved Things sales and provision of services when contracts are awarded by means of communication, “Rules for the order, the customer has the right to refuse the purchase – sale contract notifying the administrator about this in writing no later than 7 (seven) working days after its date of delivery, except when the contract has been awarded for:

audio-visual works and phonograms in any video or audio media, computer programs, delivery and packaging buyer breached the defenses;
newspapers, magazines or other periodicals of supply;
participation in games and lotteries.

IV.7. Rules IV.6. point for the right client can benefit only if the item was damaged or significantly change its appearance, and it was not used.


V.1. Products of this contract within the meaning of all goods, which the administrator sells the order at the time and for which there are published in the shop.

V.2. The Administrator reserves the right at any time, without notice to the Customer to change any information about the store and other conditions, including, but not limited to the rights to change the Stores list of items, product descriptions, product prices and delivery prices.

V.3. The parties agree that any store the information about the goods are intended for initial familiarization with the goods and will not be considered as a unique depth and (or) correct information, which can be made on the basis of the decision to purchase goods and (or) to pay the price.

V.4. Customer understands and agrees that store the information about the product can be inaccurate and incomplete and administrators will never have the obligation to compensate for any loss or damage resulting from the Client for inaccurate or incorrect description of goods in the shop.

V.5. The specific price is listed in the shop to the item description. Customer understands and agrees that the shop price of goods can be irregular and because there is no liability to the Administrator. The administrator does not have the obligation to sell the goods in the shop for the price even if the price is correct. In the event that the actual price is lower than the store price specified, the administrator can sell the goods to customers at a fair price of the product. If the actual price is higher than indicated in the shop price, administrator of their choice, or may cancel / reject the order of the product, or contact customer, inquiring his instructions for ordering supplies.

V.6. In each of the goods included in the price of all charges, but the price is not included in the product delivery fee.


VI.1. The administrator starts to execute the order for goods only after the customer pays for the goods and their delivery. Not later than [48] hours from the time of purchase and sale agreement in the moment, the customer must pay for the goods prior to the Administrator by bank transfer the goods and the delivery price, in accordance with the payment instructions. Payment is considered made when the full amount is received and credited the Administrator of the bank account designated in the payment instructions. The customer fails to pay within this period, the sales contract is terminated, and the administrator is not obliged to hand over the goods to the Customer.

VI.2. Possible payment methods online store:

The direct bank transfer to the account;
Payment PaySera Banklink system;
Payment PayPal;
Cash on delivery;


VII.1. Goods Administrator presents or sends only Lithuania.

VII.2. Lithuania goods are delivered to the customer within 1-10 working days after payment. The administrator is not responsible for delivery delays on packages presenting a third party’s fault.

VII.3. Customer ordered goods are shipped by mail or via the Administrator’s authorized representative, is delivered to the customer order to the address indicated. If the goods ordered not taken back by the customer, order, he must indicate the person atsiimsiančio goods (recipient’s) name.

VII.4. The customer agrees that the customer order to the address indicated on delivery of goods and commodities to the person signing a receipt of the goods receipt or invoice – the invoice is considered that the product is transferred to the customer.

VII.5. After the presentation of goods to customers, the customer orders a person or a person at the address indicated in the order must check the shipment status. If the Customer is a person, the customer order, or a person in the order specified address and receiving goods, external consignment notes offense, it must be noted on the delivery note and draw up a free-form act of infringement of the lot. Customer, a person referred to customer order, or a person in the order specified at the signing of a delivery note in addition to the observations, it is considered that the consignment is transferred intact.

VII.6. If the client refuses to accept the ordered goods, or goods delivered to the customer is not possible because the client ordering a product the wrong your address or the address where to be delivered, the customer is required to pay 100 litas fine and reimburse all costs, any and all of the Administrator losses related as the sales performance of the contract, which does not cover the fine. Administrator of the returned product will be re-sent to the Customer.

VII.7. The administrator is not responsible for the customer ordered goods non-delivery or late delivery, if it was due to the fault of third parties or due to circumstances beyond the Administrator’s control and reasonably anticipated purchase – sales contract at the time and could not prevent these circumstances or their consequences.

VII.8. If the client fails to fulfill any of its obligations under these Rules, the Administrator is entitled to refuse to deliver the goods ordered by a customer and to unilaterally terminate the purchase – sale agreement. The purchase – sale contract termination is communicated to the customer Customer registration form to the e-mail address. In this case, the customer paid for the product the money will not be returned.

VIII. The right to comment

VIII.1. The customer has the right to comment and express their views on the items in the shop.

VIII.2. Using VIII.1. referred to in Articles Client unconditionally confirms and guarantees that any customer to provide product descriptions or any other information, data or content will meet the following requirements:

will be correct, accurate, neapgaulingas or otherwise misleading;
Administrator or infringe rights of third parties, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, rights in trade secret rights to personal privacy, etc .;
not violate the laws and other legal requirements;
The administrator will not create legal obligations.

IX.3. Customer understands that he, rather than the administrator is responsible for any and all information and content, the client sends a review, time or platinum using the store or the Services.

VIII.4. The Administrator reserves the right in its sole discretion, terminate and modify any of the customer comments his notice.

VIII.5. Using the store or the Services and providing, entering or otherwise sending information or content client free of charge for an unlimited time and unlimited territory gives the Administrator the following exclusive rights:

right in any form or manner reproduce, publish, publicly announce, make available to the public and distribute the sale, rental, lending or other transfer of ownership, or control the customer the information in any form or language;
the right to create derivative works from the customer information.


IX.1. All rights to the store and it contained works are protected. No store in the content or information can not be reproduced, is made available to the public or distributed without the prior written consent of the Administrator.

IX.2. All trademarks, which are placed in the shop are the property of the Administrator or the Administrator legitimately used.


X.1. Customer agrees that the administrator does not and will not be responsible for the store, and (or) Service malfunctions and the customer or third party loss or damage.

XI.2. Customer understands and agrees with the fact that shops and service provided without any warranty of the administrator side, the shop will be open and Services will be provided in an appropriate and timely manner and without disruption, high-quality, full scope or that it will not cause any adverse effects to the Customer or any third persons. The administrator does not and will not be responsible for the discrepancies in the store, inaccuracy or wrong information and the consequential negative consequences for the customer or a third party.

X.3. Customer understands and agrees that the Administrator and never for any reason will not be responsible for any and all of their actions or omissions related to the Customer’s use of the Services and these rules. The customer assumes full responsibility for any possible damage or loss to which he or a third person may appear in any way the customer through the store or the Services.

X.4. The Customer undertakes to ensure that the administrator would never be any legal responsibility, the obligation to pay, reimburse or otherwise compensate for any loss, damage or other expenses incurred due to the fact that the client used the shops and services.

X.5. Administrator’s liability to the Customer or any third party arising out of these Regulations is limited to the amount of money paid by the client for the last item purchased from the Administrator.


XI.1. This Agreement is subject to the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

XIII. Sending information

XII.1. Administrator all communications requirements, applications and other information to the client log the e-mail address. All under these Conditions Customer information sent is considered received by the Client within three hours from the time of dispatch.

XIII: 2. The administrator is not responsible for any and all internet communications, e-mail service providers, network failures for which customers do not receive the information or evidence of e-mails from the administrator. The Parties agree that an e-mail for the customer copy of the presence of the Administrator of the server, is adequate proof of any information to the Customer shipment.

XII.3. All messages, requirements, applications and issues client sends Stores in the “Contacts” using the contact addresses.


XIII.1 Types of posts. If any provision of this Agreement is against the law, or for any reason become partly or wholly ineffective, it does not void the remaining provisions of the Treaty. In this case, the parties agree to replace the invalid provision in a legally effective rate, which, as far as possible, have the same legal and economic effect as the converted rate.

XIII: 2. The parties agree that the Administrator may at any time transfer its rights and obligations arising from these Regulations to third parties without the customer’s consent and without informing him about it.

XIII.3. All between the customer and the Administrator of the disagreements on the implementation of these rules are resolved by negotiations. Parties did not decide the dispute by negotiation within fifteen (15) days from the date when one of the parties gave the other party a request to resolve the dispute, such dispute shall be finally settled in the Republic of Lithuania according to the law courts for the Administrator of the seat.